Glossary of terms

Glossary of terms

If you are unsure about any of the terminology used on this website or in talking with us then we have complied a plain language explanation of the technical terms we use.

Advertising pages

Additional pages that are inserted into the book either at the front or back. These pages can be fully customised, but typically will be printed in full-colour to allow for additional branding such as photography, logos etc. The process works by creating digitally printed pages which are then added to the book. The advertising pages are put between the end-papers and the notebook pages, either at the front or back of the book, or both. Also known as insert pages because that is what they are!

Advertising wrap

A printed strip of paper that is wrapped around the book. Acts as a presentation tool, to give immediate visual impact. Good for adding an important visual or message that you don’t want to be branded onto the notebook cover.

Belly band

See advertising wrap.

Blind embossing

Where the artwork is stamped into the cover. No printing involved, the process relies on the relief created by pushing the artwork down into the cover. Technically this is a debossing but for some reason the term embossing has stuck.


See notebook.

Closure strap

An elastic strap attached to the back cover and which can be pulled over the front cover to hold the book securely shut.


A daily diary has a page devoted to each day, so allowing more space for each day but creating a bigger diary in the process.


See blind embossing.


A larger size, so called because it is intended to remain on your desk. Approximately A4 in size but can vary quite a bit.


A book with pre-pre-printed pages with dates, available in different formats. See weekly and daily.

Digital print

A full-colour method of printing that is essentially digital printer on a massive scale. With advances in technology this process is now highly effective and is used either to achieve a solid colour print or a full-colour print (e.g. printing a photographic image).


See blind embossing.

End papers

The card papers inside the book that are between the cover and the pages themselves.

Foil print

A method of applying a solid colour using a very fine coloured foil which is then stamped onto the surface to apply the artwork. Doesn’t create a relief effect though as the stamping process is much lighter than an embossing.

Gel dome

Using a slightly raised clear button with a print underneath, this process creates a 3D effect on your notebook cover, thus literally raising your brand’s profile! Bad pun but a gel dome will be more of a stand-out way to promote your brand.

Insert pages

See advertising pages.

Ivory paper

A slightly off-white page colour that has a less harsh feel than pure white, and so is regarded as being a mark of better quality.


The most popular size because it is the ideal compromise between space and portability. If not stated then a medium book is 13x21cm.


A hard or soft-back bound book with the spine of the vertical side, creating a book. Sometimes there is confusion between notebook and notepad.


A notepad is bound on the top edge, not the side.


See notepad.

Pad print

A method of applying a solid print colour using inks. Usually used when foil printing won’t get the required result, often when a pantone colour match is required or the surface is too difficult to foil print on.

Pen loop

A fabric loop added to the side of the notebook which acts as a pen or pencil holder.


Smaller size, approximately a postcard. If not stated a pocket book is typically 9x14cm. So called because it can fit in a pocket.


A thin plastic sleeve to protect and present the book, as you would find on a greetings card.


A coloured thread that acts as a page marker.

Screen print

Similar to pad printing, screen printing uses a method of applying ink through a mesh screen. Typically used to get a specific colour match when foil printing won’t work.

Shrink wrap

A fine plastic wrap that seal the book.

Soft touch

A particular material used on the cover that has a softer feel to it regardless of whether the notebook has a hard or soft cover.

Tri-fold advertising pages

An advertising page that is folded and so extends out from the cover.


A weekly diary has a week spread across the two pages when you open the diary. Might be a vertical or horizontal layout.