Embossed Notebooks

The most popular & simple option, but amazingly powerful

Embossed Notebooks

What is an embossed notebook? Or is that debossed notebook?

Yes, there is a basic error in the name itself. After all, an embossing is something that leaves a raised impression, and yet what we refer to as an embossed notebook will actually have an impression down into the cover. Which is a debossing. It is just a term that seems to have stuck, but needs clearing up.

So an embossing is a method of branding artwork - could be a logo, or just a string of text - onto the cover of a notebook or diary. This is done by creating a metal plate from your artwork - the plate is known as a die. This is then attached to a machine and this then gets stamped onto the notebook cover, one book at a time.

The process an embossed notebook goes through doesn’t use any printing or inks, so no colour is added or removed from the cover. However some books, notably the Tucson notebook range, have a soft-touch material on the cover that will subtly change shade when embossed. This creates the impression of a darker colour being printed when in fact it is just the way the cover reacts during the embossing process.

The process is also referred to as a blind embossing. Why ‘blind’? This is a reference to the lack of any ink being used in the process.

So what are the advantages of embossed notebooks?

  • It is simple. Why is that good? Well that depends on what you want to achieve but in many (most?) cases, it is the most effective way to get someone’s logo onto a notebook, as it doesn’t involve anything too complicated (colour matching, background colours, alignment of artworks, etc), and yet creates a visually striking result.

  • It is subtle. Again, this depends on what you want your notebook to do for you, but in many cases if you are giving these to someone and you want them to use it, then the more understated the greater the chance of succeeding. It might not have the same ‘wow’ factor as other branding options but it might be the one book they keep using long after being given it.

  • It is detailed. For what might seem a crude process of stamping an artwork into the cover, embossed notebooks can be breathtaking. Despite all our years in the industry we are often speechless at the detail and fine quality that can be achieved with the most complex artworks.

  • It is the most popular choice. Most logos lend themselves to being blind embossed in some way and so it is the first choice of most people. And the results are so good that you can see why people want to use it.