Digital Print

Making the most of technology. Full colour print, amazing results.

Digital Print

What is a digital print?

You might be thinking something along the lines of your home ink-jet printer and whilst there may be some genetic link to the process of printing, this is as far up the evolutionary scale as you could imagine going. State of the art printers that can print in full-colour and from edge-to-edge. The results are truly amazing. It all depends on what you want to do with the process!

We can use digital printing for smaller simple jobs where a single colour needs to be used, and this is increasingly replacing many jobs where screen printing would have been used. However it is when creativity is allowed to run riot that the most stunning results are to be found. Incredible detail and perfect reproduction make digital printing the go-to choice when your creative needs are at their most challenging. However foil printing does have limitations - for example if you want a true metallic finish you will have to look at foil printing to achieve this.

So what are the advantages of a digital print?

  • The possibility of what can be done. There really are so few limits to what can be done with the digital printing process.

  • It has impact. Yes, a digitally printed notebook may well end up with that immediate ‘wow’ factor. You need to decide whether this is right for you and what impact you are looking to achieve, but this might just the one for you.