Insert Pages

Where you can add everything you couldn’t say on the cover

Printed Insert Pages

What is an insert page?

An insert page is also sometimes referred to as an advertising page. Either way, it is a printed page that is inserted into the already-made notebook, as opposed to a printed page that it made as part of the original manufacturing process.

Why does that matter?

In many it doesn’t as the end result is the same. But it does in that it means we can add amazing customisation of a notebook that would normally only be possible if you had it made from scratch, and that would mean huge print runs and long lead times. Now, we can offer it on any print run and with a minimal delay.

So what is an insert page again?

Just getting round to that bit. So an insert page is where we have pages digitally printed and trimmed, then inserted into the binding of the notebook, glued and resealed. This leaves a finished notebook that has branded pages inside.

What can I do with an insert page?

In many ways, this is the best bit. Branding the cover of a notebook can be a limiting process if you have much to say. Or anything really. The cover lends itself to a logo, maybe a word or strapline, a website address at the very most. Beyond that it can risk looking too busy. So if you want to add a bit more information then an insert page is the answer. Some people add a page of text, maybe several pages. Some add photos to add to the brand message. Some add a calendar, some add an important message. Some strip it back and just add a QR code. Others make full use of the 16-page limit and pack it full of important information.

So make the notebook truly yours, and keep that cover clean and tidy. Use insert pages!