Castelli Notebooks

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Branded Castelli Notebooks

Made in Italy

Castelli notebooks are still made in Italy, an Italian product through and through. Constantly innovating and looking for new ideas, Castelli notebooks really deserve your consideration thanks to the wide range of choices, the colours, the branding options available, the quality and the price. So many people have opted for Castelli. Most it has to be said go for the Tucson notebook, which looks amazing when branded, but there are several other choices worth considering as well.


Best seller

If in any doubt then you should start here. A quality notebook at a fantastic price. Available in a choice of 3 sizes and a huge range of colours. We especially recommend the Tucson notebook when it is blind embossed, which creates a beautiful contrasted finish.


Genuine Italian Leather

The Cordoba notebook has a real leather cover making this the ideal choice if you are looking for a notebook that immediately stands out by virtue of the cover itself. Available in a choice of colours.

Tucson Flex

Visibly different

This softback cover version of the best-selling Tucson book has a few less features but as a result it is incredible value, and it blind embosses with the same wonderful results.

Tucson Edge

Catches the eye

Based on the best-selling basic Tucson notebook in black, the Tucson Edge has a little something extra as the name suggests. If colour is important to your branding then this is worth a look as it features matching coloured trim and best of all, matching coloured page-edges.


Leather with added luxury

The Nappa notebooks feature a luxurious real Italian leather cover and have the addition of coloured end-pages which gives this book the last word in quality. When only the best branded notebook will do.


A statement in colour

If colour is the key factor for you then maybe the Contrast notebook is the right choice. With a coloured spine and matching trim details this is a notebook that will make a statement when seen. Recommended for impact.



When only a sustainable option will do, the Appeel is the perfect choice. It has strong eco-friendly credentials, making it stand out from the competition. This book is made from apple by-products, putting unwanted waste to fantastic use as a branded notebook for you. The book will tell the story for you.


Leather-like but not the price

If you are tempted by a leather branded notebook but price is an issue too then the Phoenix is the perfect solution. A grained leather-like cover if finished with coloured stitched edges these are almost as good as real leather.


Amazing value

There are times when the budget dictates the unit price and this is where the Matra is a clear winner. With many of the same quality features of the Tucson, the Matra has a harder cover and a wide choice of colours to choose from. Highly recommended as an alternative branded notebook.


Sewn to be different

As the name indicates, this notebook owes more than a nod to the classic sewing machine. A slimline notebook with a card cover but this book holds its own thanks to the coloured stitched spine.


Where are Castelli notebooks made?

Castelli are an Italian company and they have always been made in Italy, near Bergamo in Northern Italy. Castelli is still a family company, and has been producing paper products for over 50 years now.

What is the USP of Castelli notebooks?

Castelli books stand out from a crowded field of other more well known brands such as Moleskine and Leuchtturm because of 4 key reasons - the wide choice of colours and sizes; the range of additional branding options you can have; the fact that they are still made in Italy and not the Far East as many other brands now are; and lastly the price - all this at such amazing value.

What are the environmental credentials of Castelli notebooks?

If you are concerned about the environmental credentials of your notebook then we suggest the Appeel range which is made from the recycled pulp of apples. All other Castelli notebooks are FSC accredited although whilst the paper and cover are FSC accredited, the cover itself is a thin PU (polyurethane) material.

What is the key difference between a Castelli notebook and a Moleskine notebook?

Many people ask this question. Aside from being made in Italy, Castelli notebooks are just as good in terms of quality as Moleskine. The core ranges from both brands have hardback covers, elastic closure straps, page marker ribbons and an inside pocket. The key difference between the books is the brand name - Moleskine is the undoubted market leader and there is a premium for this name. If you don’t have to have the Moleskine name then you should give serious consideration to a Castelli book.