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Branded Notebooks

Pen & paper - where the best ideas start

We have selected what we believe to be the best notebooks available for you to brand with your company logo or identity. Whether for internal use within the office for your team, a presentation tool at a conference or meeting, or whether as a promotional gift for your customers, a branded notebook is a very popular choice amongst companies of all sizes and industries. Even the largest tech companies regularly use branded notebooks because they recognise the benefits of such an analogue tool as pen and paper in the digital age. Notebooks are where all the best ideas start.


Choice & value

Castelli notebooks are a very popular choice thanks to the wide range of books on offer, as well as the options for branding and all at such amazing prices.


The original

Still the notebook that defines what a notebook is today. Moleskine is the name that many people want. Classically simple and elegant notebooks.

Castelli Tucson

Best seller

We sell a lot of notebooks but it is the Tucson book that gets the most votes. Thanks largely to its soft-touch cover which brands beautifully, as well the options and price.

Coming soon!

Coming soon!


A striking alternative

We love Viking 1914 notebooks. Smart, simple, quality notebooks that stand out for being…well, different. Which means you will stand out from the crowd.

Why a branded notebook? What about the paperless office?

We have been providing branded stationery for over 20 years here in the UK and abroad, and we have specialised in branded notebooks for well over 10 of those years. The rise in demand for branded notebooks has come about almost perfectly alongside the rise in everyday technology and the internet in our lives. More to the point, the demand for quality stationery in general, and branded notebooks in particular, has come about in line with the arrival of the smartphone into our daily lives. Quite simply, we recognise the benefits and limitations of such technology and it has driven us to seek out more sensory and tactile pursuits that a smartphone simply cannot provide. There are plenty of studies that demonstrate the benefits of writing when it comes to learning. People listen more when they scribble notes in a meeting rather than type. And better ideas flow more freely when allowed to with just pen and paper. The best place to keep a record of all those notes, scribbles and learnings? Yes, in a notebook!