Printed Belly Bands

Create a fully branded visual impact from the outset

Printed Belly bands

What is a belly band?

Also known as an advertising wrap, a belly band is a printed strip of paper that is wrapped around the notebook. This means it is used by some customers to add instant brand visual impact - this is after all the first thing people will see when they get the book. A subtle blind embossed logo might ensure they are more likely to keep the book to use, but sometimes this can lack that visual hit. This is where a belly band solves that problem.

The belly band is a digitally printed wrap-around meaning we can add any branding, from solid colours, logos and even photography or more complicated designs. You need to bear in mind however that the belly band has a shelf life - most people will remove it once they start using the book. We do have the book shrink wrapped if a customised belly band is added because this helps keep the belly band flat and protect it from damage.

Advantages and disadvantages of a printed belly band

  • Advantages - full visual impact that just can’t be achieved by embossing, but without permanently branding the book in a high-impact manner. You can have a subtly branded notebook but with the instant hit of brand impact.

  • Advantages - a simple way to add additional brand information without affecting the notebook.

  • Disadvantages - short shelf life as this will likely be removed straight away.

  • Disadvantages - if you have a logo centred on the notebook cover then the belly band will cover this, which may be an issue for you.