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Is the diary really dead?

In a word, no. Reports of the death of the diary are definitely premature despite the advent of electronic calendars and their ability to sync other people’s information with your own. The paper diary still retains a place in people’s lives because it is visually easier to work with and, let’s face it, easier to access. How many times have we all been frustrated by someone fiddling with their device trying to access the correct data whilst we sit with our paper diary open and waiting? For sure the advent of computers has improved our lives in so many ways but some things can’t be improved by technology and perhaps the diary is one of those.

Sales figures can back this up too – the industry reports that sales of paper diaries and calendars are more than holding their own against digital alternatives and the demand comes from across all ages, not just the older generation. After all, most school children are still given a physical diary or planner to manage their week and good habits start young. Electronic book sales are falling against paper books sales and  A 2013 survey by the youth research agency Voxburner found that 62% of 16- to 24-year-olds preferred print books to ebooks. The most popular reason given was: “I like to hold the product.” – Add in the recent craze for colouring books and the current vogue for calligraphy and you see how books and writing are a strong antidote to the increasingly identical tablets and phones we all use. No surprise then that the paper diary is still alive and kicking .

Having said that, diaries need to work harder these days to compete and features are all important. Gone are the days of a boring black hardback book, the modern diary comes in useful formats combining an agenda with a notebook, a dazzling spectrum of colours and even zip-up covers that you can store your phone in with your diary. Here at Ferrotype we highly recommend the Castelli range with its popular formats, fantastic features and brilliant colours.

And what of the diary as corporate gift? It is easy to think of the dull black tomes of old, distributed around the office like a dark obligation but today’s bright offerings are a quite different experience. A really good diary offers an opportunity to not only give something that will be appreciated for its practical and aesthetic value but also, when used it will be with them 365 days of the coming year, reminding them subtly of you and your brand each and every day.