Viking 1914

Viking stationery hails from Denmark, and is suitably different to get your attention. Going against the grain is a core part of this brand’s identity, so you will find a selection of notebooks, pencils and more that don’t conform to normal conventions. See what Viking stationery can do to help your brand stand out.

Branded Viking 1914 Stationery

Stand out by being different. Follow your own route.

Viking stationery hails from Denmark, and we simply love it. It ticks so many boxes, not least by being different. They have looked at what is available, and then made something different. This means they fill a gap between the other brands, with notebooks and pencils that stand out for their quality, attention to detail and unusual design. By choosing Viking you too can stand out from the crowd.

Spectrum Pencils

Be different

A pencil is so simple and yet so powerful. Discover an amazing range of quality Danish pencils that we can have branded for you.

Saga Notebooks

When average won’t do

So many notebooks follow the same pattern. We love Viking because they follow a different path. See the high quality Saga notebooks now.

Bespoke Books

Make your own

If the standard Saga notebook isn’t quite there for you then why not consider having one made to your own specifications?


Leather Goods

Stationery extras

Stationery essentials from leather pouches and pen cases through to erasers and staplers. On their own or as an extra with a book.