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Moleskine notebooks - the classic notebook, the one with the name. Choose the brand that people want. Browse our range of Moleskine notebooks ready to be branded with your logo

Branded Moleskine Notebooks

The classic notebook that still defines what a notebook is today

Moleskine books have identified a heritage dating back through some of the twentieth century’s greatest cultural icons - Hemingway and Picasso to name but two - yet really this Italian notebook’s greatest claim is to have defined what a notebook is in the modern age. Launched in the late 90’s, at a time when the digital world was about to consume our lives, this brand has gone from strength to strength, and at the heart of it lies a humble notebook. This unexpected revolution has paved the way for others to follow. If the name counts, then trust in Moleskine.

Classic Hardback

Best seller

The most popular Moleskine choice and the one that defines the name. A simple hardback notebook with inside pocket, page marker and elastic closure strap.

Classic Softback

A flexible alternative

The same as the classic hardback notebooks, but the Moleskine softback has a flexible cover which some prefer. It’s all about choices.

Coloured Books

A statement in colour

Sometimes a black notebook just won’t do. Moleskine also offer a range of coloured books that changes from year to year.


A lighter touch

The Moleskine Volant is a pared down notebook, with a softer card cover and less features. Ideal when you want the name but not the bulk or the price.


What is the history to the Moleskine notebook?

Moleskine notebooks are actually a fairly recent invention, but are based on a traditional style of notebook from the 19th and early 20th centuries. These were the kind of simple notebook that was favoured by many people including artists and writers. In fact it was Bruce Chatwin who wrote about them in his book The Songlines, where he made mention of stocking up on his carnet moleskines from a little stationers in Paris. This led to the launch of what we know to be the Moleskine notebook today, drawing on this rich heritage.

Why are Moleskine notebooks the go-to name?

Simply because Moleskine books were the first name on the scene, pre-empting the current demand for quality stationery. In addition Moleskine have done an excellent job of tying up with the artistic community, making it the leading name amongst contemporary artists and writers as well as architects and more. Moleskine have so dominated the premium notebook market that they almost define the product in the way we talk about buying a hoover. Most premium notebooks we see today have followed the same format as Moleskine - the size, the page marker, inside pocket and elastic closure strap. Many other brands have added extra features to help stand out but Moleskine books are still the leading name in this market.

Are Moleskine books made from moles?

Er, no. Moleskin is a traditional fabric, itself not made from moles. Possibly the original notebooks had moleskin fabric covers, but the modern incarnation of the Moleskine book has a PU (polyurethane) cover material, as with all similar notebooks.

What are the environmental credentials of a Moleskine book?

Moleskine books are FSC accredited. As with most comparable notebooks, the cover is a PU material.