Branding options

Learn more about what options there are for customised notebooks

Customised notebooks

How to get the best of your logo

When you have chosen your notebook there is still the small matter of how to brand it. What options are available for customised notebooks? Whilst most people still opt for a blind embossing, there are several options available for most notebooks and there may be one more suitable for your needs out there. Sometimes it can confusing with so much terminology and and many choices but we can cut through the jargon and make it simple for you.

The options for customising are:

  • Embossed notebooks. No print, just your logo stamped into the book (technically a debossing). With some books this can create a darker shade without printing.

  • Foil print. Literally using coloured or metallic foils to print a solid colour.

  • Pad or screen printing. Another method for laying down a solid colour, usually used because of technical constraints on other methods.

  • Digital print. Increasingly popular due to the amazing advances in what can be achieved and the quality.

  • Gel dome. Like the name suggests, this is a printed button that sits proud of the cover. One for impact.

Please contact us for more information about what we can do to enhance your customised notebook.