Chilly’s water bottles are one of the leading names in reusable water bottles. Not only do they looking amazing, but they will keep your drink cold for 24 hours. As the world begins to embrace a more sustainable lifestyle, a reusable bottle will become a must-have item. We can easily have your Chilly’s bottle branded with your logo making this a striking and essential gift that people will keep and use.

Branded Chilly’s Gifts

Sustainability is the key

Good quality stylish corporate gifts can be hard to come by. Add in the increasing need to be sustainable today and your options might seem limited. Chilly’s are a fantastic option. Water bottles and coffee cups are high on the hit-list of single-use villains so people will actually welcome being given a good quality bottle or cup they can use again and again. With your logo branded on them these will prove to be a wise investment.

Water Bottles


With over 25 colours and 3 sizes on offer these are an amazing choice. Keeps your drink cold for 24 hours!

Coffee Cups


With several colours and 3 sizes on offer these are the perfect choice for a sustainable future. No more landfill cups.