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Branded Pens & Pencils

The perfect addition to a branded notebook

Whether you are choosing branded notebooks and want something to complement it, or just looking for a pen in its own right, we can certainly help. Many people opt for adding a pen to the notebook they are having branded as it is a relatively low-cost addition, and since the notebooks come with a pen loop included in most cases it is an obvious choice. After all, people will need something to write in their book with and all the better it has your name on it! Branded pens can be a difficult item to select especially if colour is a deciding factor, but the pen range we have here will complement our notebook range. With some simple branding the pen immediately raise the impact and usability of the notebook, and hopefully ensuring you achieve your aim of having books branded. We also have a very popular pencil option - the Salerno - which is a bit more quirky and unusual but has a nice chunky wood feel to it. For this reason it has proved the most popular addition over the years.

Salerno Pencils

Simple but effective

The Salerno pencil is a longtime best-selleing branded pen choice. They are popular thanks to their simplicity. A slightly chunky pencil, they look and feel substantial yet are such good value.

Icon Serena Pens

An ideal pen

Available in a wide choice of colours, and with two options for where you can brand them, these pens are a simple but nice add-on when having your notebooks branded.


Icon Eleonora Pens

Transparently different

An alternative version of branded pen also available in a range of colours, but with a translucent barrel that adds a slight hint of quality.

View Giada Pens

Extra quality

With chrome trim and a chrome clip, these pens are a step up in price but also quality and the rubberised barrel adds a nice tactile feel to them. A good choice if you want a bit extra from your branded pen.