Branded Notebook Ideas

Discover how much more you could do with your branded notebook

Branded Notebook Ideas

Go the extra mile and make the book yours

When you have chosen your branded notebook then you may well want to consider some of these ideas for add-ons that will transform it. Make your notebook into something ideally suited to your brand and what you need the book for. Sometimes a logo on the cover just doesn’t say enough for you, yet to add more would be a design-disaster. This is where careful thought about using add-ons can achieve everything you want the book to do for you, without ever compromising on the design. We can offer a range of ideas including:

  • Insert pages where we literally add printed pages inside the cover to convey essential company information.

  • Belly bands, the paper wrap the book comes with, giving you the chance to add immediate impact when someone receives your notebook.

  • Gift wrapping to add an air of mystery and drama when handing your book out.

  • Printed presentation boxes to make it the complete package.

  • Shrink wrapping, such a simple option but one that is both practical (it protects the book) and fun (everyone likes to unwrap something).

Please contact us for more information about what we can do to enhance your branded notebook.