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Discover a bit more about what branded stationery and branded notebooks can do for your business here. We will attempt to answer the vital questions people ask, and in a simple plain English manner!

How to personalise a notebook

At the recent London Stationery Show we paid a visit to our good friends at Castelli on their impressively big stand - a bit like a stationery Death Star all kitted out in black and looming high above everyone else’s stand, but with that impressive air of confidence and style that you need if you are going to have the biggest stand at the show! And for anyone who has ever been to a trade fair, one of the most depressing sights you can see is a forlorn looking stand with nothing in the way of visual enticement let alone something to take away from the show to remember them by. Well with Castelli you get the polar opposite. Not only do they do a good line in stylishly-large black-&-gold stands that draw you in across the room, but they also are up for creating a bit of theatre.

Our Ferrotype ‘Fe’ monogrammed notebook

The Castelli team are all lively and engaging - you’d be amazed how hard it is to get a friendly smile or hello or even eye-contact at some shows! All dressed in their natty black aprons, Castelli also have their trump card. Some people will give you a catalogue (if you’re lucky!) to take away. Castelli give you a notebook, and one that has been personalised with your initials. To be fair, several other people at the show also had similar hands-on gifts being given out, but being Castelli we thought we would give this a go.


A Monogrammed Notebook

The process is actually quite simple. Very tactile, very old school. A heated metal die is used to apply pressure on a sheet of gold foil which has been paid on the notebook cover. The letters on the metal die create an impression onto the cover which leaves…surprise, surprise…a nicely gold-foiled set of initials. Well, we could only do the obvious thing and have a Ferrotype ‘Fe’ monogram. We even made a little video of this - see the process in action below.


What we can do for you

So how is this relevant to you? Well although we offer a B2B service for foil printing notebooks, it is a bulk service. However, did you know that we can also personalise the notebooks? For example, if you have a conference and want to wow your guests then why not make a branded notebook for everyone, but then add their name or initials so that they all have their own personal notebook? It is hard to quantify in numbers the effect of giving something with their name on it, but there is no doubt that it truly makes the recipient value the gift all the more.

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