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Welcome to Ferrotype


So we have now launched a new company - Ferrotype - and we’d like to introduce ourselves and what we do.

With well over 40 years combined working with stationery it’s fair to say that our lives are very closely linked to pen and paper now. We previously ran set up, owned and ran Bureau for 23 years. If you hadn’t come across Bureau in that time, it was something of a revolution in stationery here in the UK. Launched in 1995 it introduced a new world of everyday practical stationery that was also stylish and desirable. At one point it had several shops in and around London, and for 15 years we traded online once we sensed the way the retail winds were blowing.

A spin-off from that business was business customers wanting that wonderful stationery to be branded for them. So when Bureau sadly came to an end at the beginning of 2019 and we considered what we would do next, we found ourselves launching a new stationery business. As you do. After all, we found we had an intimate knowledge of the premium stationery business, we had some very good relationships, and we wanted to build on what we did so well with - what we felt to be the best range of stationery combined with a second-to-none customer service.

Many years ago we did consider just setting up as a B2B offering only, and as these things tend to play out in strange ways, so we have come to that place with Ferrotype. A completely new B2B company offering what we hope will be the best in branded stationery for corporate clients. What is a ‘corporate’ client? As far as we are concerned it could be anything from the smallest one-person business to a major global corporation. Our strength has always been in working with clients of any size and treating them all with the same care and attention to detail. Understanding what matters to customer and then providing it. Fixing a problem if it occurs. Being real people you can contact.

The name? It is surprisingly difficult to come up with a name you are happy with when you have a blank sheet of paper in front of you, and you can’t do anything else because it is all waiting on a name so you can start the business, build a website and open a bank account. We knew we wanted a clean break with Bureau, something different. Long ago our Mum ran a shop called Ironsware, selling homewares in North London. With something of that in mind we played around with the idea of a reference to our name, and with a nod to photography which was always a big part for both of us, and typography given that we will be printing, and we settled on Ferrotype. It is an age-old photographic process also known as tintype if you are interested. And with that, we were up and running.

So welcome to Ferrotype, now open for business and ready to handle your needs for branded notebooks, pens and more. Contact us to see what we can do for you.

Dominic & Jo Irons

London, 2019

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